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A home you can afford 

As of noon 17th November 2018 Today's asking price for High St property is $150 000.



Commencing 18th October 2018 I'm going to be putting my High Street house in Goomalling on the market (see above video). The property will be listed at $180k and the asking price will be decreasing by $1000 on a daily basis until sold.

I will freeze the price if I am either considering an offer or on tour and am unable to show people the property or adjust the website.

The current asking price will be shown on this website, I will endeavour to update the price at noon Perth WA time every day.

There will be no online bidding, in all other respects it will be a traditional sale through an offer and acceptance process.

To make an offer or view the property, call me on 0414 291 770.


If you can find me a buyer I will pay you $3000 AUD on the settlement of the sale. I'm only prepared to pay out one party, so if there is any argument as to who finds the buyer I will be leaving that to the buyer to decide.




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