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Thank You Toodyay Tourist Centre 

A big thank you to Toodyay Tourist Centre on this thank you thursday. This is the only visitors centre in the local area that has consented to stocking my CDs. They have been rewarded with steady if not spectacular sales.

The problem with many of these gift shops that supposedly service tourists is that they are more profit focused than they are focused on promoting the work of local businesses. So what you are getting from these places usually are items imported in from China that have been branded with local logos. Of course these businesses need to make a profit, but there should be some of balance between profits and legitimacy.

If you happen to know anybody involved with any of these local organisations, I would be delighted if you could ask them about stocking my music. I'm not too optimistic about the outcome though.

Thank you Toodyay Tourist Centre in having faith in me and helping to keep me solvent and on the road.

Thank You Wendouree Tearooms! 

Thank you to Sally and staff at the Wendouree Tearooms in Toodyay the Thank You Thursday. Wendouree has been a tearoom since the 1930s so they must be doing something right there.

I've been playing on and off at the Wendouree Tearooms for a couple of years now and they have sold a heap of CDs for me in there too. Well, they have sold not only my stuff but they continue to be an active outlet for local artists looking to place their works on a consignment basis.

Toodyay isn't a great money spinner for me street performance wise, but I always have to keep coming back because sooner or later someone catches up with me and asks "when are you going to be playing outside Wendouree again?". Its always a great day out for me (also not far to drive which is a bonus), the vibe of the town is friendly and the food is great.

Thanks Sally and staff for your great hospitality, looking forward to doing some more spots there later on this year.

Thank you Heather Frank! 

This Thank You Thursday is a really easy one for me to do, its a big thank you to Heather Frank (pictured here doing some heavy duty gardening).

If you have ever bought one of my CDs you would have no doubt admired all the lovely photos and artwork. Well Heather is pretty much responsible for all of that. I say pretty much responsible, because apart from having an album title and maybe a general concept, I just leave Heather to do what she does and the results have been 5 great album covers over the last five years.

Heather is a full time graphic artist and runs her business Frank Design out of her Toodyay property. Apart from doing my album covers Heather is flat out doing logos, websites and artistic design work for corporate clients all the year round.

Thank you Heather for giving my covers that professional look that really makes people want to check out the records.


Thank You Slater's Homestead! 

A little closer to home this week on Thank You Thursday, I would like to send out a big thank you to Wendy, Andrea, Sheree and all the volunteers that help towards making Slater's Homestead such a great venue.

Going back 9 years now when I first moved to Goomalling I had the please of playing some solo piano out there one Easter weekend, I've been going back on and off ever since.

For the uninitiated, Slater's Homestead is a museum/art gallery/tea rooms a few kilometers out of Goomalling where I live. In the past it has hosted a number of musical events and
visiting artists exhibitions. You can also book accommodation there, staying in one of the original bedrooms.

Best of all, they play my music all the time to visitors and have sold a stack of my CDs out there. Thank you Slater's for all your help keeping me working and on the road.

Thank You Uniquely Toodyay! 

Today I would love to thank Ruth and crew at "Uniquely Toodyay". Uniquely Toodyay is situated at the Old Post Office building in the main street of Toodyay. They do an excellent job there of showcasing the best that Toodyay and surrounds producers have to offer.

Over the past eighteen months or so they have sold a great number of my CDs and I often hear my music wafting out the door as I'm working past, so a special thank you for all the volunteers that work there for putting up with me!

Very much worth checking out if you are in the area, you would be surprised at how much great stuff gets produced locally.

Thank You No 90 Gallery & Music! 

This week on "Thank You Thursday" I would like to thank Peter Byfield and No. 90 Gallery & Music in Northam.

Its a wonderful thing to have a music shop in Northam. When I first moved out to Goomalling there was nothing, and I had to drive two hours to pick up books for students (back in the day when I was teaching students). Having Peter Byfield open his shop in Northam changed all that.

Apart from him being able to get those books in for me, he was able to do a great price on my main studio vocal microphone and has referred a whole bunch of work to me to over the past eight years. The store has since expanded becoming the hub of CD distribution in Northam.

Peter himself is an experienced musician and songwriter and has recently been featured on a compilation CD Sounds of the Wheatbelt, which you can buy
in store. If you happen to be swinging past Peter tells me that he is overstocked at the moment and will generously negotiate specials on certain floor stock for the remainder of September 2014.

Thank You Big Valley Caravan Park! 

I'd like to take this "Thank You Thursday" opportunity to thank all the folks out at Big Valley Caravan Park (that's Kevin, Shelley, Megan and Kylie).

Big Valley is my camping place of choice when I am playing down in the Margaret River region. Its also a working sheep farm, so its out of town and you don't get all the bustle and the noise that you can get around the area.

Its also a great place to be writing music if you have a few spare moments. Here is something I wrote down there that I am going to put on an upcoming release.

Big Valley Tune

Thanks again Big Valley for the hospitality.


Thank you Monkees! 

For the 4th installment of Thank You Thursday, I would like to thank The Monkees.

This might look like a strange call, but it was through watching these guys in the 70s that put the idea into my head that I might want to work one day as a musician - and lets face it, nobody has been able to come up with a better idea for me yet.

Things turned out a little different than I expected. I didn't have to live in a beach house with three other guys (a good thing, I don't think I would have been able to take much of Mickey), and I didn't have to play Last Train to Clarksville (although I did it at a gig once a couple of years ago).

The other difference I suppose is that I never realised that I would have to do so much stuff (a lot of which has nothing to do with music). I always thought that I would just write some music, put it down on paper, give it to someone to play and wait for the cheques to roll in. It doesn't work that way these days, you have to write, record, perform, manufacture, distribute, publicise and sell the music yourself.

I wouldn't have it any other way though, thank you Monkees.

Thank you Naomi Millett! 

For this 3rd episode of Thank You Thursday I would like to send out a big thank you to Naomi Millett (pictured above listening to her favourite Bay City Rollers album).

Many long time listeners will be familiar with Naomi, because she plays guitar on Fairytales and some of Goldrush (the last four tracks to be precise).
Naomi did a great job on these recordings, particularly as she did them with undiagnosed carpel tunnel syndrome.

Later on in 2012 I got to produce her on her debut solo CD "Mosaic", which is a great record with more fantastic artwork by Heather Frank. The mosaic featured on the cover was done by Naomi herself.

Naomi has also had occasion to review my CDs and performances from time to time as she works as a freelance music journalist. In fact, I'm thinking of getting her to write a forward for the book I am writing at the moment - so its best that I keep in her good books here.

If anybody is looking for a classical guitarist for a special event, wants a great guitar teacher or a copy of Mosaic contact me and I will put you in touch with her.

Thanks again Naomi for helping to keep me working and on the road.

Thank you Terry Larkin! 

For the second Thank You Thursday I would like to thank Terry Larkin and all my friends at Voice of the Avon 101.3 for their ongoing support.

Anybody that knows me will know that I am a big fan of community radio going back to the mid eighties when I hosted "The Demo Show" a regular Curtain University late night spot. Its good to know that community radio supports me as well!

Terry has been playing my music on his Saturday Morning Variety Show on York FM for quite some time now. Unfortunately, he does it at about 6:50AM, so its not often that I am together enough to listen. Anyway, for those early risers the spot is called "Heavenly Harp". Terry is actually a busy boy there, apart from doing his five our marathon Saturday morning show, he does another 4 hour evening spot on Tuesdays with "Old Guys Rock".

Voice of the Avon is a great station to listen to, with more local programming coming online all the time. If you are out of range (like me) and want to listen to a broadcast, check out the latest internet radio broadcast link on their facebook page.

Thanks again Terry and York FM for your support and great work keeping the community radio flag flying.