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As of noon  3rd December 2018 the asking price for High St property will be frozen at $135 000 until I return from my Southwest tour in February 2019. This is because I will have difficulty in regularly updating the website and won't be able to show people through the house during this time. However, you can still make an offer during this time by phoning me on 0414 291 770. The $1000 a day discounting will continue on my return.


Some picture stills of the property here:


House Walkthrough


The Backyard


Commencing 18th October 2018 I'm going to be putting my High Street house in Goomalling on the market (see above video). The property will be listed at $180k and the asking price will be decreasing by $1000 on a daily basis until sold.

I will freeze the price if I am either considering an offer or on tour and am unable to show people the property or adjust the website.

The current asking price will be shown on this website, I will endeavour to update the price at noon Perth WA time every day.

There will be no online bidding, in all other respects it will be a traditional sale through an offer and acceptance process.

To make an offer or view the property, call me on 0414 291 770.


If you can find me a buyer I will pay you $3000 AUD on the settlement of the sale. I'm only prepared to pay out one party, so if there is any argument as to who finds the buyer I will be leaving that to the buyer to decide.




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