A New Way To Get Artwork With Your Mp3s

You may recall this blog post where I explained my reasons for wanting to own music CDs rather than buying mp3 downloads or using a subscription service.
One of the reasons that I neglected to mention is that I like to have the artwork. I know you can have it appear on your player or whatever, but its not the same thing.

With respect to this, my electronic distributor, CD Baby, have come up with a great idea that works as a nice sort of compromise. They have introduced a new type of download sticker. The front of the sticker is a full size representation of the CD artwork, the back has a download code which allows you to download an mp3 copy of the album.

I think this is a great idea and am getting stickers in for the 5 albums that I have available at the moment. I will probably only be selling them at gigs but if anybody is interested in getting some let me know and I will work out some way to get them out to you.

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