A Quick Tip for Insomniacs

Having trouble sleeping? Give old time radio a go, it certainly works for me.

As most of you would be aware, before the days of television, families used to sit around their radio set and listen to mystery, comedy, drama, romance, horror, and science fiction audio programmes voiced by the talent of the day. What you may not be aware of is that much of this content is still in existance being digitalised from the original acetate disks or reel to reel tapes
and uploaded to the internet. These shows are often complete with the original advertising from the period, quaint endorsements of the healthiest cigarettes or medications of dubious value.

Two great things about this, firstly the content is usually in the public domain and thus freely available to listen to and distribute
and secondly (in my case anyway) its really helpful to listen to on those nights when you think you will never be able to get to sleep. I usually can't last more than 5 minutes into any given radio play.

If you are looking for any of this stuff on the internet just google "old time radio" to get started. If you have a radio internet player already like a web connected tablet or smart phone just do a search for "OTR" on your player and start your way to a better nights sleep.

My favourites are science fiction from the 50s (shows like X Minus 1) and horror from the 30s (Arch Oboler's Lights Out Everybody). Just go easy on the horror as the Fay Wray trademark screams might wake you up suddenly.

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