Albums or Singles?

I've just finished watching a great BBC documentary called "When Albums Ruled the World". It put forward the proposition that the years between 1967 and 1980 represented a golden age in the history and development of the long playing record format. It cites Sgt Pepper as being the catalyst for this development and theorises that the golden age ended with the advent of MTV because record companies budgets shifted from the recording process to the marketting of the record. In addition to this other forms of entertainment were becoming available.

As these years were formative and development times for me, it may explain my preference for the album format. I think I would have bought less than half a dozen singles ever (when such a thing was available in a record store). With the introduction of iTunes, I maybe have bought a few more, but generally for teaching of performance purposes, not for personal listening. My music collection would probably contain a few compilation records, but generally I am more interested in listening to the songs in the original context in which they were recorded.

This may also explain my preference for working within the album format rather than releasing things bit by bit. I find it more artistically satisfied to work on a programme of material that has a cohesive flow rather than one off projects. I imagine I will continue to release music in the album format until such a stage where it is sending me bankrupt.

While it may not be the flavour of the day, I still find the album format to be relevant.

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