I Still Want to Own the Music

Back in the day it was cool to have a record collection. If you were at somebody's house you could check out their record collection and immediately know if that person was like you or if it was time to hide all the sharp objects. The acquiring of the collection provided entertainment value in itself. If you were interested in anything but commercial releases, you would have to visit specialty stores, seek out treasures in second hand stores or at collectors fairs. All of these activities had the possibility of providing a great day's entertainment with the only risk being the purchase of an occasional lemon.

Now we have the luxury of being able to research the music, track it down and purchase it in a matter of minutes or seconds. Or hire the music.
Or steal the music.

I've recently made the resolution to buy one CD a month and write a blog entry on it. It would actually be cheaper for me to join a subscription service like JB Hifi and hire the music which would at the same time give me access to the other 18 million tracks in their library.

Trouble is, I still want to own the music.

I want to feel that I have a share in the artist that I am sacrificing my time to listen to. I've tried buying mp3 album releases and using streaming services but they have just left me with an empty feeling. Like I don't really have the music at all, just some magic beans at best.

Call me irrational, but we all have to make the choices that we can best live with, and for the moment, this one's mine.


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