In the Footsteps of My Father


My father was a salesman. Over the course of a long and successful career he sold pretty much everything except for cars and insurance. I don't know if he had some sort of ethical thing in mind for steering clear of both those products, but it wouldn't surprise me. Over various points in his life, he sold through an office via appointments, doing the dreaded telemarketting and even doing door to door. Its something that never really interested me, but I admired his guts and determination for doing it. Continually being told no more times than yes and still managing to come home with a smile on his face. In later years he lectured and helped others learn how to do it. He must have loved it I suppose.

Well having dramas with my computer the other week caused much disruption as you would probably have experienced at one stage. I couldn't do much in the recording process or make videos. I learn some new tunes but quickly got bored with that. So I decided to drive into Perth and see if I could sell some of my CDs door to door.

I don't know that I would ever want to become a fultime salesman but I found the experience fascinating. You may live in a community for years, but now I believe you never really know what goes on until you start going around knocking on doors. I met the out of work contractor, the artist at work, several little old ladies living by themselves who probably shouldn't be and some naked guy washing his car. All this in four days and probably only twelve hours of work.

Yes I did sell some CDs and will probably do it again sometime. Was it worth it? For the money maybe, for the experience definately.

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