Influenced by Actually

The Pet Shop Boys have been successfully producing dance music for more years than I wish to remember. I on the other hand, have never produced a dance track and although you should never say never, it is unlikely that I will in the future. I don't frequent places where this type of music is played and none of my family or friends would listen to it.

How has it happened then that I could have been influenced by it and want to discuss it in my Musical Influence Monday blog? Well, back in the days when this album came out (think mid eighties) I used to work in what you would call a real job. An office job. Not a horrible office job (that was yet to come), but nevertheless a position where I was wasting my potential at the time. Well one of the perks of this not quite horrible office job is that it was on the 14th of a building that had a lovely view over the Swan River. One early evening, I was the last to leave and just sat in the office an extra half an hour just to watch the beautiful sunset that was happening.

Somebody had left the radio on in the tearoom and I hadn't bothered to turn it off. The DJ on at the time played three tunes by the Pet Shop Boys. I thought the first two songs were pretty good, these were their radio hits at the time, but not really my thing. Everything changed when I heard their third song, a song from this album called "Rent". I thought the whole thing was just amazing.

The next day, I went to the local CD store (remember those), and bought a copy of this album. It was $30. 30 bloody dollars, I could probably have taken my girlfriend at the time out to dinner and come home with change for that in those days, but I decided to buy the record anyway. Bloody EMI.

It turned out to be a wonderful record. Sure I didn't like dance music, the fashion, the image, was not into their lifestyle choices if  you catch my drift, in fact I wasn't into anything about the record. It was just that the thing was that good it couldn't be ignored.

Up until that moment in my life, I thought that people that produced music in genres I didn't like just didn't get it, or were perhaps mentally disturbed. How this record influenced me and what it made me realise, is that good is good, no matter who is doing it and it what genre it is.

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