Influenced by Celtic Harp

Whenever I am delving into some new style or I have a recording project on for somebody and I am unfamiliar with the territory, I will buy a bunch of "reference CDs" to get me acquainted with the type of material I am working on. Early on in the piece I was fortunate enough to by the retrospective CD Celtic Harp by Scottish harpist Savourna Stevenson. It was one of a number of CDs I purchased at that time and it was just blind luck that it was so great.

I am mentioning this CD in a Music Influence Monday post because it has some of the most sublime and innovative compositions for celtic harp and small ensemble that I have come across. This has set me a standard to aspire to in my original harp material.

Just in case you are interested in picking up a copy of this CD, be aware that it usually comes with a different cover to the one pictured here. Usually the cover has a head shot of Savourna. Perhaps the CD I have was made in a different country under license of something. Record covers have a habit of mysteriously changing sometimes.

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    Sounds Good

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