Influenced by Mind Games

Before the days of CD I used to love seeking out second hand vinyl records. One of my favourite places to look was in this shop above the Hay Street Mall called Atlast Records. You needed to walk up 3 flights of stairs in this decrepit old building to get there and there was next to no signage. So you really wouldn't know about the place at all unless somebody took you there first (in my case my high school friend Rupert). That made it all the more special. It was always full of hippies and intellectual looking types so the people were just about as interesting as going through the records.

Talk about great free entertainment.

Mind Games by John Lennon was one of the first records I bought there. I bought it maybe 6 years after the original release so it wasn't the sort of item that most neighbourhood stores would carry having not been a top seller.

How this album influenced me was that I learnt from it that you don't have to be a great keyboard player to make interesting and value adding keyboard parts. Lennon played keyboards himself on this record (under the pseudonym Dr Winston O'Boogie) and does a simple but great job. The fact that he used a pseudonym makes me think that he wasn't taking the duties overly seriously and didn't feel competent enough to be held responsible (hey its not my fault, blame the Dr). He needn't have worried, I love how he played on this record.

Pictured here is my CD copy produced in 2002. I still have the original second hand Atlast record, but no working record player, so I decided to update. To my horror, the record sounded different, the differences were minor, most people would probably not notice, but they were definitely there. I checked the credits on the album and it turns out that it was not only remastered in 2002 but it was remixed as well.
So another thing that I learnt from this record is, don't let Yoko Ono oversee your remixes.

In all fairness, doing a remix of the original record is not normal procedure which makes me think that maybe the original master tape had not been stored properly and damage necessitated going back to the source. There is no corresponding note on the new record, so we will probably never know - I may post this on the Beatles- a-rama Facebook page because quite often they know about these things. Beatles-a-rama is a great internet radio station about, you guessed it, all things Beatles.

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