Influenced by Painted by Memory

Elvis Costello is one of those artists that I've always liked but never felt the urge to own his entire catalog. So I tend to cherry pick at his work which is probably appropriate because he has produced such a diverse body of work over the years that there is sure to be something that everybody likes or dislikes in there.

Burt Bacharach is one of those legends that has written some great songs for various artists but since he is chiefly a composer/songwriter/arranger I hadn't come across anything where he is accredited as the artist.

Back in the 90s while I was studying commercial music at WAAPA one of my piano teachers (yes there were several) played me some of this collaboration between Bacharach and Costello "Painted by Memory" which had just been released that year. I was so impressed by the
short bits that I heard that I went straight out and bought the CD despite the $30 price tag (ouch - especially for a music student).

This record influenced me in that it taught me that complex harmonies, orchestral textures and song forms could have their place in popular music. This is a wonderful late night record and well deserving of a spot on Musical Influence Monday.

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