Influenced by The Roches

This record is certainly not everybody's cup of tea and many who have borrowed the album from me have commented that they wonder what I see in it.

It produced by Robert Fripp formerly of King Crimson, so he must have seen something in the act and the material even if it doesn't really resemble his own.

The Roche sisters act is pretty much three girls and a guitar. Without the benefit of autotune, sometimes their harmonies are a little off key, but I think in the most charming way. They sing songs about their lives, their loves and their troubles.

How this influenced me on Musical Influence Monday? It showed me that simple songs about simple things with simple arrangements could still a great record make.

Judge for yourself from this live footage taken a few years back. It doesn't sound too different to the original record.

You can also hear them do back ups on Paul Simon's "There Goes Rhymin Simon" album.

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