Reasons to Shave in the Morning

Never one of my favourite tasks, I wanted to get playing early this morning and considered I was running late, so I gave it a miss. Not a good move, I am one of these people that need to comprehensively shave twice a day just to look normal.

Ended up doing a
six hour stint today. As I was packing up a guy called Stuart Holden approached me. He is a wedding photographer at also has a well read blog "Humans of WA" based on an even more well read blog "Humans of New York".

After coming to a mutual decision that I was human I unpacked my gear again and posed for photos. Only thing is, as I've said I had been playing for six hours and was knackered and was sporting what looked to be a three day growth by then. So we will see how human I end up looking when and if he decides to publish it.

Stuart's website -

Stuart's blog - Humans of WA

By the way, the razor in the picture that resembles a Sennheiser MD 421 microphone? If you come across one don't bother, my mother was a quiz show wiz in the 50s and 60s and won one of these on one of the shows that she was on. I used it once. It removes facial skin as well as facial hair.

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