Same Place New Faces

This time on my summer round trip I decided to check in at Manjimup. I haven't been there in almost 20 years and wasn't actually expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised to find a "super town" there that has legitimate claims to aspire to that tag.

It was thought that the cessation of logging there was going to finish the town, but this has not been the case. What I found was a town full of quiet optimism about the future. Its commerce now seems reliant on it being a key service area to surrounding towns. Farmers are growing all sorts of fruit and vegetables in the area and everything seems to grow well (check out Alf's Deli if you get there, they sell their own produce, I watched people walk out with boxes and boxes of the stuff).

They have a festival season down there late in the year and cultural events throughout from all reports. Me and my harp were very well received and I ended up spending 11 nights there on what was originally planned to be just an overnighter.

Well worth the look in. In fact, I can't wait to get back down there myself.


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