So I've gone and bought a Duduk

About three months ago during some random web surfing I came accross a page that had a Paul McCartney audio stream going on autoplay. It was playing this song, Jenny Wren.
Apart from the obvious "Blackbird" connection (one that he freely admits in Chaos and Creation special at Abbey Road a few years back), I couldn't help but notice the strange instrumental texture that is used as a solo from 1:35 for the next 40 seconds or so. I had never heard anything like it. It was reminiscent of a clarinet, but I play clarinet and knew it wasn't one of those. I was thinking it was maybe something electronic and that Paul was modulating the sound somehow with his mouth, as I knew that he isn't above using "mouth noises" on tracks, something that dated back even to Beatles days.

I decided to research the song and found that he was using an Armenian instrument called the Duduk.


The Duduk is a folk instrument made from the wood of an apricot tree. It has a double reed like an oboe or basoon which gives it that slightly nasal quality that you hear on Jenny Wren. Like tin whistles, they come in various keys, the most common seems to be A.

I've given it three months thought and decided that its a sound that I can work into my music and I hope to get this on up and coming releases. Provided I can play it that is.

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