Sounds of Nature...

So last night after I finished playing in the caravan park, Fred who co manages the park with his wife Verna, was telling me about this CD project that he had heard once. I can't recall the exact details, but essentially it was instrumental coupled with nature sounds, and he suggested that I might like to try something similar. Speaking as a musician and an artist, this is a bit of an eye roller, the sort of suggestion that makes me want to do the sticking your fingers down your throat and gagging gesture, so I pretty much dismissed the idea out of hand.

Thinking about it today though, not everything always has to be about me and what I like. I accept that there are people that like this sort of thing, its a valid genre and there is nothing wrong with that. After recording four CDs of other peoples material though, I had my heart set on just recording my own compositions for the forseeable future, and apart from maybe the odd effect here and there, recording nature sounds didn't fit in with my plans. Having said this though, I have a number of tunes that I play in my shows that have never been recorded, and it occured to me that maybe I could use a project like Fred suggested as an opportunity to document those tunes. Just do a simple solo harp recording of the tunes (mainly O'Carolan and traditional material we are talking about here - similar to what is on the "Wildflower" CD) and do a mix down including various nature sounds. These are all good tunes, but without the benefit of a project like this, they probably wouldn't see the light of day.

So maybe after the air conditioner guy gets here, I will take a couple of days out to record the tunes. I already know them inside out so it wouldn't hurt to record them, if I don't like what I hear, it needn't get released. Maybe I could do a limited "internet only" release, or just give it away as a download package to people that are on my mailing list, a sort of present for putting up with me.

I'm going to need to give this some more thought....

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