Thank you Cafe Yasou!

This is the first of hopefully a long line of spots where I get to thank some of the people behind the scenes that help to keep me on the road.

A big thank you to Cafe Yasou in Fitzgerald St Northam. Not only have I performed there a couple of times in the past, but Anne and crew have sold a number of my CDs in there. Just how many? Well I couldn't quite tell you as I've lost some of my records due to a hard disk crash, but I would say that we are heading up toward the 100 mark.

What is even more remarkable about this, is that like most cafes there isn't a lot of counter space, so the majority of the time the CDs aren't on show. I think people just know that they can get them there and go in and do a secret handshake or something.

I'm going to try and get in there shortly (maybe this Saturday) and run a few tunes just to celebrate. Hopefully I might see some of you there.

If you haven't had the opportunity before, go and treat yourself to lunch or a snack at Cafe Yasou. Wonderful food and the background music isn't bad either. Thanks again.

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