Thank you Heather Frank!

This Thank You Thursday is a really easy one for me to do, its a big thank you to Heather Frank (pictured here doing some heavy duty gardening).

If you have ever bought one of my CDs you would have no doubt admired all the lovely photos and artwork. Well Heather is pretty much responsible for all of that. I say pretty much responsible, because apart from having an album title and maybe a general concept, I just leave Heather to do what she does and the results have been 5 great album covers over the last five years.

Heather is a full time graphic artist and runs her business Frank Design out of her Toodyay property. Apart from doing my album covers Heather is flat out doing logos, websites and artistic design work for corporate clients all the year round.

Thank you Heather for giving my covers that professional look that really makes people want to check out the records.


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