Thank You No 90 Gallery & Music!

This week on "Thank You Thursday" I would like to thank Peter Byfield and No. 90 Gallery & Music in Northam.

Its a wonderful thing to have a music shop in Northam. When I first moved out to Goomalling there was nothing, and I had to drive two hours to pick up books for students (back in the day when I was teaching students). Having Peter Byfield open his shop in Northam changed all that.

Apart from him being able to get those books in for me, he was able to do a great price on my main studio vocal microphone and has referred a whole bunch of work to me to over the past eight years. The store has since expanded becoming the hub of CD distribution in Northam.

Peter himself is an experienced musician and songwriter and has recently been featured on a compilation CD Sounds of the Wheatbelt, which you can buy
in store. If you happen to be swinging past Peter tells me that he is overstocked at the moment and will generously negotiate specials on certain floor stock for the remainder of September 2014.

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