Thank You Toodyay Tourist Centre

A big thank you to Toodyay Tourist Centre on this thank you thursday. This is the only visitors centre in the local area that has consented to stocking my CDs. They have been rewarded with steady if not spectacular sales.

The problem with many of these gift shops that supposedly service tourists is that they are more profit focused than they are focused on promoting the work of local businesses. So what you are getting from these places usually are items imported in from China that have been branded with local logos. Of course these businesses need to make a profit, but there should be some of balance between profits and legitimacy.

If you happen to know anybody involved with any of these local organisations, I would be delighted if you could ask them about stocking my music. I'm not too optimistic about the outcome though.

Thank you Toodyay Tourist Centre in having faith in me and helping to keep me solvent and on the road.

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