Thank You Wendouree Tearooms!

Thank you to Sally and staff at the Wendouree Tearooms in Toodyay the Thank You Thursday. Wendouree has been a tearoom since the 1930s so they must be doing something right there.

I've been playing on and off at the Wendouree Tearooms for a couple of years now and they have sold a heap of CDs for me in there too. Well, they have sold not only my stuff but they continue to be an active outlet for local artists looking to place their works on a consignment basis.

Toodyay isn't a great money spinner for me street performance wise, but I always have to keep coming back because sooner or later someone catches up with me and asks "when are you going to be playing outside Wendouree again?". Its always a great day out for me (also not far to drive which is a bonus), the vibe of the town is friendly and the food is great.

Thanks Sally and staff for your great hospitality, looking forward to doing some more spots there later on this year.

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