That decibel meter doesn't seem to be reading low....

If the title of this post sounds familiar its probably because its a quote from a Paul McCartney song. Not one of his finest moments lyrically, but he has given us many nice tunes over the years so we forgive.

The picture is of my latest toy, a decibel meter. You probably already know this but decibels (db) are a measurement of the relative volume of a sound and you use a decibel meter to test how loud something is. No, I didn't get it to point at my neighbours. It just that the freight trains that come through here all seem to have been fitted with new whistles over the past couple months and every time I hear one I shoot up in the air. I just want to find out if I am shooting up in the air because its too loud or because its the pitch of the sound that is bothering me.

I also thought it would be a fun gadget to point at my neighbours.

Some examples:
Breathing                  10db
Rustling Leaves       20db
Quiet Rural Area      30db
Library                       40db
Quiet Suburb            50db
Office Noise             60db
Car at 25ft                70db
Factory                     80db
Jet Takeoff               100db

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