The Long Hard Slog

I've never been one for making new years resolutions, just resolutions in general. I could be wrong but I figure I've got a better chance of keeping them that

For better or worse I've decided to write a book. Already I'm feeling a little guilty here as I've never had a burning desire to write a book and I know that there are those that have that in them. I'm figuring though that its their own personal battle to get th
eir book out and if I can inspire anybody by making this attempt then all the better.

It should take me most of this year to get happening. I feel that I am at the bottom of Mount Everest and that I have gathered my supplies and am taking a deep breath getting ready for the long hard slog.

I don't plan on going back on my promise, there still should be a new album of original material this year, it just might eat into m
y blogging time thats all.

The book will be about street performing, some of my adventures together with tips for anybody mad enough to give it a go.

Watch this space.

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