The Trials of Being Adam B Harris

Actually I'm not talking about me here, or former me as shown in the photograph above (back in those days they were "photographs" not "pictures" and we only had black and white you see). What I'm talking about is the NAME.

These days, if you have a child you should attend to reserving their domain name probably about the same time you get their birth certificate sorted. I started life out as just Adam Harris and that is how most of my friends still know me. When the internet began to become a thing to take seriously in the late 90s then all of a sudden I became Adam B Harris, so as to distinguish me from Adam Harris the plumber, Adam Harris the sculpture, Adam Harris the athlete etc.

This worked for a while, but now Adam B Harris is starting to become too constricting and I am considering the alternatives. After all, I don't want to be confused with Adam B Harris that has the photography studio in Santa Maria, California or Adam B Harris the lawyer who practices in Gulfport, Mississippi. Most of all I don't want to be confused with Adam B Harris wanted for burglary by the Tupelo police. Checking out the latter he is about the same height and age, and he has a similar hair style to me too.

So until Mr Harris is safely under lock and key I am going to go with the above picture as a passport photo. After all, it was me at one stage, when I was just plain old Adam Harris and didn't have to worry about the name thing.

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