Things I wish I had known about air conditioning 7 years ago....

Some seven years ago when I was building the recording studio, one of the first things I did was to put air conditioning in the studio. I had two split systems installed, one in the control room where I do the bulk of my work and one in the performance area. What I didn't know at the time was that there are "air conditioners" and there are "air conditioners". Unfortunately my air conditioners are of the extemely inexpensive variety and the compressor of the one that services the control room is shot, rendering the unit pretty much useless. Had I have better understood my options at the time, I would have chosen to get a more expensive unit - cause I was cashed up then, but not now.

The air conditioner guy says he can switch over the units so I can have it working in the control room. Its been one of the worst Perth summers on record, and I've been able to do next to no work in here this summer except answer a few emails and facebook posts. A great shame as I have an album of original material in various stages in the can that I would like to finish and some videos as well that need putting on youtube. Not really an option until I get this sorted as the equipment in the control room generates heat.

But once its all fixed, expect lots of new things in 2013.

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