Whatever you do, don't lose one of These or you may be in need of Rubber Monkey.

Over the last couple of years I've taken it into my head to make videos of what I do and hopefully you have been enjoying them here and on my youtube channel from time to time. In order to make the kind of videos that I wanted to, I quickly found myself in need of a tripod and spent the better half of a day researching tripods so as not to be disappointed with the purchase.

I was so excited to get my tripod and used it a great deal. One of the first things I should have done however was take special note of the quick release plate, and what model it was (picture above). In fact I should have not only done this but made sure it was kept safe (in Goomalling that means under lock and key) at all times.

Last year my camera was stolen with the plate attached. The police managed to recover the camera (a miracle) but the quick release plate was missing. Without the quick release plate the tripod was rendered useless and as a result I haven't been able to make the kind of videos I would really like to this year. To make matters worse, these plates come in all matter of shapes and sizes making replacing it most difficult (hence me wishing I took more notice in the first place of what it was).

I ended up finally identifying the type of plate that I thought it was and ordered one off the internet from a New Zealand company called Rubber Monkey. Fortunately, I was correct in my educated guess and the new plate works fine. The downside is the unsmiling rural postmaster that I collected the parcel from now thinks I am some sort of pervert that has obtained a rubber monkey for nefarious purposes.

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