Why I No Longer Teach Music Pt1

The teaching studio is looking very lonely as you can see. Probably because it hasn't been used much in the last three years. This year it hasn't been used at all, and probably won't be.

Teaching music can be very lucrative, and its relatively easy to set up and maintain a practice. Indeed many musicians survive on that alone even if they don't particularly like what they are doing.  Myself, I loved it. I have knowledge that has taken me a lifetime to learn, and I'm constantly worried about the knowledge not being passed on. Its also great from the perspective that you learn so much from teaching even simple things. Anybody that has been an instructor of some sort would agree with me I'm sure.

I'm leaving it behind for a few reasons:
1. Everybody, wants to play the guitar but not many want to learn to play the guitar. Lets face it, if it were easy then everybody would be doing it. I myself would like to speak fluent Spanish but its not going to happen unless I put the work in. People don't want commit the time required in many cases to further themselves on their chosen instrument and that stops them from getting to where they want to be. I'm not prepared to put up with failure anymore, just for the sake of income.

2. Quite often the person paying for the lesson is not the same person as the one that is having the lesson. I suppose we are talking children here. In many cases they don't appreciate the opportunity or the value of the money being spent on them. I'm not prepared  to see time and money wasted anymore, just for the sake of income.

3. For some reason, students of this field are very picky about what they will and will not learn, and I'm talking about all ages here. Imagine if you were studying mathematics and you refused to learn fractions or you wouldn't perform any calculation with the number "7" in it. Ridiculous as this sounds, many students are only interested in learning one song/style/idiom and won't spend time on anything that they perceive is not directly related even if you are trying to teach them a technique to get them to where they want. I'm not prepared anymore to deal with difficult people (and parents), just for the sake of income.

I still feel strongly about music and music education but I believe that I can better serve this purpose as a performer and act as a role manner in that fashion. If people are genuinely interested in learning and replicating what I do, they can watch my performances and listen to my recordings and anylise what is going on. There are plenty of other people and resources out there that can show them the basics.

Thats all I want to say for the moment. I might write a pt2 one day if anybody wants to hear some stories from the front line.

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